Company Culture
Company Culture

In the face of various opportunities and challenges, we have maintained rapid growth, which relies on scientific strategic decision-making and continuous precipitation and update of corporate culture. We encourage freedom, diversity, creation and sharing, and strive to build a humanized value system, and set the highest standards of action, taking corporate values as a long-term commitment to employees, customers and society.

CheNeng Spirit

Religious, meticulous, tight and harmonious.

Service philosophy
Standardization, value, serialization, and differentiation will always exceed our contract.

Brand Concept

Create and promote civilization, refine and interpret brilliantly.

Business philosophy

Let our wisdom and passion under the guidance of scientific positioning, through pious, meticulous, rigorous and harmonious work, slowly create the fruit that makes you fascinating and memorable-Che Neng Zhizhi. To this end, we will work tirelessly and never relax.