CLS shaftless screw conveyor

product description
CLS shaftless screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying grid slag and mud cake of various sludge dehydrators.

Scope of application
It is widely used in building materials, chemicals, environmental protection, electric power, medicine, metallurgy, food and other industries.

Outstanding advantages
1. Simple structure, no bearing in the conveying tank, smooth material conveying;
2. Fully enclosed design, no secondary pollution;
3. The shaftless spiral body is manufactured by a special molding process with high rigidity;
4. The length of a single section of the shaftless spiral body is about 2m, and the whole spiral welded joints are few;
5. The U-shaped liner is made of high-quality engineering plastics with good wear resistance;
6. Low-speed operation, low energy consumption and low wear;
7. Tank material: carbon steel hot dip galvanized, stainless steel SS304/316L;
8. Spirograph material: Q235B, stainless steel SS304/316L;
9. Lining board material: HDPE, nylon or ultra-high molecular polyethylene;

working principle
CLS shaftless screw conveyor is used to transport the sludge cake discharged from the sludge dewatering machine after the dewatering process. The height of the bottom of the sludge dewatering machine and the foundation ground should be considered when selecting the model. Generally speaking, the width of the feed opening should be slightly larger than the width of the skid. It is a kind of equipment that has no central axis and relies on the rotation of the spiral body to advance and transport the mud cake. It consists of a drive motor, a support, a conveying screw, a U-shaped groove, a lining plate, a cover plate and a feed port. It has the characteristics of compact structure, space saving, smooth material transportation, and effective prevention of blockage and entanglement. Moreover, the entire conveying process is carried out in a closed car body, no material spills, and secondary pollution is avoided.